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A New lease of life

If your mobility becomes restricted or you become unsteady on your feet the stairs in your home can become a real safety hazard. Going up and down the stairs may be something you once took for granted  but when you find it becomes difficult it can have a huge impact on how you feel about your home.

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A Saltire stairlift in your home could change the way you feel about your home and give you a new lease on life, once again making areas of your home accessible and restoring your independence.

Life Changing

People are living longer than at any time in history. As we age, we very often find it more difficult to negotiate stairs and a mis-step can result in serious injury.
A trip or fall on the stairs at any age can result in serious injury and in extreme cases could mean the individual needing to move house to a bungalow or a care home. The risk of a fall can be greatly reduced by installing a Saltire stairlift and can prevent life-changing injuries.

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